4 Jul 2021

Pregnancy Diary | The Third Trimester

So my previous two posts explain that I kept my pregnancy a bit of a secret around these parts (surprise, I’ve already had the baby!) but I wanted to keep a diary to A) look back on and B) help some of you who may be looking for reassurance in hearing someone else's experience! I know these types of blog posts helped me massively during my pregnancy, so I wanted to make sure I documented my experience.

Let’s wind back a few months...

Wow - I’m now reaching the end of my pregnancy (say whaaaat). I’m 37 weeks now, which can be considered full term, and I definitely feel it! This last trimester has been a mixture of ups and downs but I know it’ll be worth it when this not-so-little watermelon pops out.

The Growing Belly
Bump just keeps on growing and growing and growing… It’s insane how quick your bump changes! Looking back at photos from when I was 25 weeks and thought I looked ‘massive’, it’s nothing compared to how large my bump is now, haha!

The growing belly meant I went through my stretch mark creams and oils very quickly. I decided to purchase the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks for my bump, chest and thighs! I wanted something super nourishing and soothing to apply in the mornings and evenings.

I was also very kindly sent the Natural Birthing Company Nourish and Relieve Massage & Stretch Mark Oil*, which is packed full of nourishing oils and butters that have helped soothe any stretching pains.

The baby’s movements definitely got stronger and there have been many moments where the kicks have literally taken my breath away! As the baby grows each week, it’s definitely running out of space to move around, kick and punch. The movements have started to feel different and body parts are definitely noticeable, which is crazy!

Obviously the nesting has kicked in and was in full force throughout my final trimester. I made a checklist of things I wanted to organise and sort in the house and ticked them all off at the start of this trimester - when I had the most energy!

Other preparation bits we did during these final few months… buying and organising everything for the baby, getting the bedroom prepped for the co-sleeper crib, disinfecting and sterilising bottles and toys and much more! It’s been surreal getting everything ready for the baby and now we’re just playing the waiting game.

I will be sharing our ‘essentials’ and what we purchased for the baby after we’ve had a chance to actually use them so keep your eyes peeled for more baby related blog posts.

Tiredness Has Kicked In
I had a lot of energy at the start of my third trimester but when I hit around 35 weeks, the tiredness well and truly kicked in! I would find myself getting physically tired from doing usual bits around the house and also sleepy in the afternoon. After my maternity leave started, I definitely took it as a sign to rest and let my body relax because I’m guessing I won’t have much of that once baby arrives!

Lightning Crotch
This is basically exactly what it says on the tin. The pain is sharp and makes an appearance at any time and every time it does, it really throws me off! It’s common in the third trimester as the baby is head down, begins to engage and ‘drop’. I took it as a good sign that baby is ready and is coming soon!

This isn’t glamorous at all but I have to mention it! Pregnancy piles is 10x worse than regular piles, sadly. There is a lot of pressure down there which explains why a lot of pregnant women do experience piles. It’s important to treat it as letting it get really bad can be very uncomfortable!

Leaky Boobs

One day as I was showering, my milk came in! It just started pouring out and it was the most unexpected thing. It’s a great sign of course and the milk that leaks before you have the baby is actually the best milk. It’s called colostrum or ‘liquid gold’. You can harvest it, freeze it and feed it to the baby once they arrive if you wish to.

Night Sweats
The amount of times I wake up in the middle of the night covered in what feels like buckets of sweat - too many! We had a slight heatwave during my last trimester so the night sweats were even more intense. Let’s just say that pyjamas were nonexistent!

Pre-Labour Prep!
The hospital bags are packed and are already in the boot of the car, the car seat is fixed in and my birth plan is ready to go! Everything is ready so that if baby arrives, we’re not rushing around trying to get things done. It’s a weird thought that we’re just waiting for the big day to arrive but it’s super exciting!


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