15 Sept 2021

Transitional Skincare Menu + Dry Skin Tips

If you are a regular around here you'll know that I have really dry skin and suffer with eczema on my face and body. Some weeks my skin is great and I have no worries but others aren't so great. It's been a journey over the past few years but I've finally got a repertoire of products and have a few skin tips (that work for me personally at least) so whenever I do get a flare-up, I know exactly what to do.

Whenever the seasons change, my skin tends to get really sensitive and reacts, which I know happens to a lot of people in different ways! As I have a dry skin type, I expect a few patches around my face and neck and for it to likely affect my body too. As we move into autumn, my skin has been adjusting to the cooler weather conditions, meaning I've had to try and combat a few flare ups here and there.

Here is my current skincare routine including products that are specifically targeted towards dry and eczema-prone skin as well as some of the things I practice whenever I'm dealing with a flare up, in particular during a seasonal transition.

The Skincare Routine

Cleanse | Warm water and a cloth (if wearing no make up), CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser (if wearing make up or have product build-up). Muslin and facial cloths are great for sensitive skin and also double up as a light exfoliator.

Tone | Garnier Micellar Water and a reusable cotton pad. I switched to reusable pads as they are more gentle on the skin and are of course more eco-friendly.

Serum | Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum - only on days where my skin is feeling less dry, otherwise I skip this step.

Moisturiser | Weleda Skin Food, Epaderm Cream or Nivea Cream. I like layering creams sometimes, especially if my skin is really dry and tight. The Weleda Skin Food is quite greasy so I often apply this last.

Lips | Vaseline has been my go-to for many years, it's inexpensive, easy and accessible!

Top Tips

  • My eczema can be bought on whenever I wear make up so I often avoid wearing a lot of make up or tend to go make up free most days to prevent further irritation
  • If I'm having an at-home day, I tend to apply the moisturiser quite generously and thickly on my skin to sink in. I also make sure to take the cream around the house with me so I can reapply throughout the day, rehydrating the skin
  • Avoid trying a bunch of new products! I used to love testing and trying new skincare and make up but since my eczema has been reacting, I've been keeping it minimal. This way, if I do begin to react to something I can start the process of elimination and detect the product that is making my skin flare up


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