Hello! I’m Fatima, a twenty-three year old Journalism and Media graduate, now working in the social media industry and currently based in Leicester, UK.

I’ve always been creative, whether it was visually & artistically or through writing. So a couple of years ago when blogging became a ‘thing’, I was hooked into reading blogs, watching vlogs and the whole internet world in general. I had found my calling and decided to give it a go in blogging form.

After trial and error of a few different blogs – under a variety of very embarrassing pseudonyms – Fatima Writes was created in December 2015 and has stuck ever since!

A little bit about me… I’m a lover of all things skincare, a style-seeker, part-time photographer and a modern calligraphy artist. I’m also very passionate about everything to do with organisation, spend my free time baking and I have a dream to travel to as many places as I possibly can. So, I’m a blogger of a little bit of everything and anything - but I have managed to split my posts into the following categories: life, beauty, style and travel.

I feel like I’ve achieved quite a few amazing things throughout my blogging journey. I have so far got to collaborate with some amazing brands such as Panasonic, Sn-ap, Jack Wills, Anatomicals and Brodie & Stone. I’d love to work on more projects & I can’t wait to see what other opportunities blogging brings me in the future!


If you wish to contact me, feel free to pop me an email on fatimawritesblog@gmail.com.


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