Hi there, I'm Fatima and welcome to my blog!

I am twenty-one years young, an almost graduate in Journalism and Media and am currently based in Leicester, UK.

After having blogged on and off for the past few years, I've always wanted a permanent home where I could showcase my interests and blabber on about whatever I like really. So in December 2015, Fatima Writes was born and it has been my little passion project ever since!

So a little bit about me... well, I'd describe myself as a fashion newbie, who occasionally dabbles into beauty products and loves the idea of travel. Oh and I'm a foodie - of course. With that, I consider myself a blogger of a bit of everything, but I've managed to split my posts into lifebeautystyle and travel. 

You can find some of my latest blog posts on the panel to the right. I really hope you enjoy them!


If you wish to contact me, feel free to comment, pop me an email on fatimawritesblog@gmail.com or tweet me @fatimawrites_.


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