6 Mar 2016

Bloggers That Inspire Me...

Photo credit: EsteeLalonde.com.
Photo credit: @ViviannaMakeup on Twitter.
Photo credit: @LilyPebbles on Instagram.

One of my favourite things to do in my down-time is to read blogs and watch Youtube videos. I enjoy and feel inspired by the creativity and effort that goes into blogs and vlogs.

I love how blogs nowadays are not restricted to just one topic and I like reading a blog with a variety of categories. These types of blogs inspired me to create my blog and motivate me to keep up with it. I am drawn to them because I love the element of surprise when a post is published or when a new video is in my subscription box. 

Today I am going to share with you my favourite blogs to read and youtubers to watch!

Estée is a Canadian who has lived in London for the past couple of years. She started her blog as a hobby and it basically took off as a career alongside her Youtube channel. I really adore everything about Estée. Her hair, her fashion taste, her canadian accent... I could go on and on all day. Admittedly, I have a serious girl crush on her (as if you couldn't tell already!)

I think what makes me enjoy her content on her blog and Youtube channel is that I feel like I share the same views as her. I like her attitude and how she explains things - just read this post and you'll see! I can really relate to Estée's makeup looks because they are so simple yet elegant. Some of her tutorials have really inspired my daily makeup routine, like this one.

The vlog channel is my favourite I think. As soon as there is a video of hers in my subscription box, I watch it straight away - there is no way I am going to attempt saving it for later. In Estée's vlogs she takes you along on her travels whether that is around London or anywhere around the world. She also has down days at home that I still find somehow interesting, or maybe I'm just nosey? I think my favourite vlog of hers (so far) is when she went on an overnight trip to a fort with her boyfriend, Aslan. I really want to go there now! 


Anna gives off the most happiest of vibes, her positive vibe really comes across in her writing and her Youtube videos. She does blogging and Youtube as a full-time career and the amount of effort she must put into the content really shows. She also recently got engaged (congrats!) to her long-term boyfriend Mark and I am looking forward to her wedding prep videos, even though I am no way going to get married anytime soon.

I particularly love her blog. 'The Edits' section is my favourite. I think this is what draws me to her blog, it's a unique feature for her blog and makes it stand out to me. As you will see by Anna's blog, her aesthetic is very editorial, clean and picture perfect to be honest. I could just scroll through looking at the photos all day. I would love to see a behind the scenes or take part in a VDM masterclass of how she takes all the pictures on her blog because I am so intrigued (and I would love to improve my photography skills). Next Sunday's post contains pictures that are inspired by her photography style - I can't wait for you to see.

On Anna's youtube channel she posts the usual beauty and fashion videos as well as the occasional weekly vlog. I particularly enjoy the videos she has done about 'capsule wardrobes', it is a cool concept and really intrigues me to do it but I am too much of a hoarder - I will get to it at some point this year because it is one of my new years resolutions!

Lily seems like one of the most down to earth people ever. From her Youtube channel she seems so honest which really makes me enjoy her videos and blog. She is a full-time blogger, living in London with her fiancé, Rich. They also got engaged a few months back (congrats too!) and I am so excited to see the planning process since she talked about it in her recent Q&A

I love Lily's vlogs. She goes to so many cool restaurants around London and I have gathered a list of places I need to visit when I make a trip there! I particularly enjoyed her vlogmas last year, where you will see some of her family, friends and what she gets up to daily. Also, I can imagine it would take a lot of motivation to vlog, edit and upload consistently - really paid off because the vlogs came out great! 

Her blog is always filled with vibrant and easy to read content with a mixture of travels, food, fashion, beauty - you name it! She did a post about her 'bullet journal' and this makes me want one so badly. I feel like the best time to get one is at the beginning of the year and since we are a little while past that, I'll wait till 2017! However, that post also gives you an insight on how Lily organises posts and videos - which I have briefly seen in a vlog a while back but it was in a regular notepad. This also gives me some great organisational and planning tips, an updated video on blogging and organisation would be great I think.

Lily and Anna, from Vivianna Does Makeup, did monthly #BeautyChat videos on their channels where they answered questions from their viewers/readers. These are one of my all time favourite videos to watch on Youtube because they were so consistent with it and have been carrying it on throughout the past few years. However in the last video they announced they are going to create something new and different with a broader topic area since it is starting to branch out from just beauty. I am looking forward to this when it comes out! They are currently in the middle of their BeautyChatLive tour and I think it is a nice, friendly way to meet up with their subscribers and readers.

And there you have it! My top three inspirational bloggers/vloggers/youtubers. Who inspires you? I would love to know and perhaps gain new favourites...

*you can find all their social media links through the websites which are linked above*

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