13 Mar 2016

Nutella Doughnuts Recipe

Love Nutella? Of course you do, who doesn't?! Here is a recipe* for delicious sugared doughnuts which you can either fill or top with Nutella. You can also swap the Nutella out for jam, cream, peanut butter - whatever you like! Also keep in mind that this recipe makes roughly 12 doughnuts, so you can adapt the measurements to however many you want to make. My friend and I doubled the recipe to make enough for the both of us.

You will need:
250g strong bread flour
1 sachet of fast acting yeast
1tsp salt
75ml warm water
2 eggs
25ml melted butter
Sunflower oil
Caster sugar to coat doughnuts
Nutella or filling of you choice

Making the doughnuts:

Start by adding the flour, yeast, salt, water and eggs into a bowl and combine by hand or in a mixer to form a sticky dough. Just as the mixture starts to pull together, add the melted butter.

Next, roll the mixture in a big dough ball and pop it in a bowl with clingfilm and allow to prove for 30-45 minutes.

After it has proved, take the dough out and give it another knead (add flour if needed at this stage) and pop it back in the bowl to prove again for another 30-45 minutes. Repeat this step once more and you should start to see your dough rise.

The next stage is to divide the dough into 12 evenly shaped balls. Pop this on another tray with clingfilm on top to allow them to prove. This could take up to a further 30 minutes, just decide depending on how your dough is looking.

The balls should now be ready to fry so heat up your oil. Make sure there is enough oil in the pan to submerge the doughnuts. When the oil is hot enough you can add a few of the doughnuts into the oil to cook on either side.

Once they are all done, pat the excess oil off with kitchen paper and roll the doughnuts around in the sugar.

Finally, you can drizzle your topping on the doughnuts. Also, you can cut a slit in the doughnuts to fill them with your desired filling. It's really up to you and how your doughnuts turned out. Ours were slightly dense, as we should've let them prove longer, and were not fillable.

I'd recommend eating them fresh as they start to harden around the outer layer the next day.

Enjoy your delicious sugared Nutella doughnuts!

* The recipe was inspired by several we had found. Two Youtube videos in particular helped us in terms of following the recipe. You can watch them here - Jim Chapman Baking Nutella Doughnuts and Gordon Ramsey Homemade Chocolate Doughnuts

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