29 Jun 2016

Need Some Blogging Inspiration?

Posting on the blog whilst balancing university and work shifts can be quite tricky.  Or sometimes I get into a bit of a blogging funk. These could last anything from a day or two, to about a week! It is awful, I feel unproductive and I feel down.

Here is what I do to get back my blogging mojo and how I find inspiration for blog post ideas.

"Love will find you when you least expect it"
This quote (not sure who it is by) is how I think of inspiration.

"Inspiration will find you when you least expect it"

When I am planning for blog posts, I can't just sit there and type it up. I often have to be inspired to generate blog post ideas. One day I'll be driving down the road or watching a Youtube video and I'll have that lightbulb moment. Whenever I think of an idea, I write it down in my planner, a notepad or in the notes on my iPhone so I don't forget it! 

So, when I plan to plan blog posts - it is usually unsuccessful. When I am busy doing other things, I will find inspiration and come up with a few ideas. 

Here are a few 'other things' you can be doing to develop some inspiration:
- Go out somewhere in public and plan. Coffee shops are great places for this. 
- Reading through blogs, books, magazines or newspapers.
- Going through your Bloglovin' feed (which you can follow me on here) or Youtube subscriptions. 
- Watching a show, movie or documentary. 
- Talking to friends, family, someone you've just met on the bus.
- Whilst shopping, eating out or at the gym. 
- When you are writing up an assignment, doing uni work or at uni daydreaming. 

When I have come up with an idea or a few ideas, I develop them. I write them out on a draft post or notepad and think of possible themes that I could focus on. I think about the pictures I'd want to take or use. I think about the message or vibe I want to get across in the post. I think about everything I think of when I am reading other blogs. This way I am very thorough whilst planning and writing up the post itself. 

The most important thing is to write something you love and that you'd happily read yourself. Things I search for on the internet can help in terms of finding a reason to write about something. Someone else could be searching for the same thing and so you could blog about it. That was one of my main aims when I started my blog... to make a blog that I would want to read.

Hope this helps to give you some inspiration and definitely let me know how you find blog post ideas!

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  1. Great tips!! I might just have to go to a nice coffee shop tomorrow for some inspiration!



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