17 Jul 2016

Five Latest Beauty Buys

I have done a little bit (a lot) of shopping over the past few weeks and although my bank account isn't thanking me for it, my beauty stash sure is! I thought I'd share with you 5 of my latest beauty purchases and my thoughts on them so far.

I am a big mascara lover. I always think that you can get the same effect with high street brands as you can with high end brands (plus I'm not much of a designer makeup buyer!). After much deliberation, I decided to buy the No7 Velvet Lash mascara. At £13.50 it is probably the most pricey mascara I have bought. I went for the brown/black shade, which is also new for me.

The actual brush on the mascara is quite large and has long bristles. I thought that it would give me a lot of length as well as volume - and I was right! It works really well with my lashes and adds instant length. The thickness is not too dramatic nor clumpy, which is perfect. The brown tone doesn't really show up on my lashes as they are quite dark naturally, but I can imagine it'll look great on those with blonde eyelashes!

Primark makeup is taking the blogging community by storm just as the H&M beauty line did (which I still haven't got my hands on!). So I decided to try the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in the shade Light Brown (11). I don't really get on well with matte lip products but I thought I'd try it anyways as it was only £2!

So firstly, I absolutely love the formula. The lip crayon isn't super drying and lasts quite well, as long as no eating or drinking is involved. Now, the colour is a little bit questionable. It may just be my skin tone but the light brown has strong grey tones running through it. It is a nice colour but it makes me look borderline corpse-y. Not quite what I was expecting but I'd happily go purchase some of the more flattering shades in the collection!

I bought this Seventeen Stay Time Long Wear Primer for the intention of using it as an eyeshadow base. I could use it as a face primer but I feel like you really get your moneys worth in terms of quantity. I never understand why the eye primers are so expensive yet so tiny!

Anyways, the primer does a good job of actually keeping the shadows on my eyes. The shadows last a lot longer and looks a lot better when this is used as a base. I do notice that by the end of the day it is slightly creased but it is a great improvement from before without using any primer. This one is definitely a success!

Recently, I have dabbled into wearing individual eyelashes for special occasions and evenings out. After pestering my sister for her eyelash glue every time I did, I decided to buy my own (and she is moving out soon, so I kind of had to). I settled for the same one she does and obviously I love it. It is the DUO eyelash adhesive in the dark tone. It is just so much more convenient when it is in the dark shade because I have dark hair and it works a lot better!

Believe it or not... I have never owned a powder highlighter, until now! I used to use an eyeshadow from one of my palettes or a cream highlighter. I came across an NYX counter in Boots and instantly fell in love with the Illuminator in Ritualistic. It is beautiful shimmery highlight that isn't too intense and is a creamy colour. It is definitely glowy and works far better than the eyeshadow I used previously! It is also one of the first products I have tried from NYX and I am addicted. I want more!

And that is my haul and mini review of some of the new products in my life! Have you tried any of these?

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