11 Sept 2016

How To Stay Organised At Uni

I know some of you may be preparing to go off to uni or some of you may already be in uni, so I thought I'd pull together a tips and advice post for organisation. If you didn't know, I am really big on organisation and do several things to stay organised. Here are a few things you can do to stay organised at university or even work or generally in life!

#1 Buy a planner.
It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy - just get any planner! Write all of the key term dates, exam dates, your timetable, assignment submission dates and also emails of your tutors. This will be your bible throughout uni. You can record all of your grades and keep track off all of the different modules you may be taking. It helps to have a visual image of what you have to do and when for.

#2 Use folders.
Folders are a life saver for organising different notes, assignments and work you may have done in the day. I usually file my paperwork away as soon as I can and put them into individual folders with labels on them. This helps when I have to look for a specific document from a specific week.

#3 Get a project book.
Project books are great for university, especially if you take a few modules and you have them timetabled in one day. I have two notepads with dividers in between to separate the modules I'm taking. It makes it easy and I don't have to faff around with different books as it is all in one place. Don't think you are cool when you turn up to lectures with a scrunched up piece of paper in your pocket, you'll be the fool!

#4 Post-it notes are the key.
Whenever I have a lot of things to be doing simultaneously, I write a check list on a post-it note. I usually put the post it note where I can see it often, such as on the side of my keyboard on my laptop or on the wall next to my desk. This acts as a constant reminder for what I have to do and when it has to be completed.

#5 Think of your deadline as a week earlier.
I always aim to complete my assignments at least a week earlier than the deadline. My uni makes me hand in my assignment online and as a paper copy. I know that on the deadline day, the centre for handing in your paper copy is so busy and the online link can sometimes crash. So think of your deadline as a week early as this can help prepare for any issues that may arise when handing it in as well as a little bit of time to read through and check mistakes.

What are your top tips for university?


  1. Such a useful posy, I'll be using these to stay on top of work within my first year.

    Harriet - http://www.harrietday.com/

    1. Good luck!! Make the most of the first year - it is the most relaxing compared to final year!


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