25 Sept 2016

The Perfect Pink Pout

A natural pink lip is a classic go-to lip colour for me on a daily basis. I love those shades that you know you can throw on and it goes with the rest of your makeup. Plus, they aren't too high maintenance as it is a natural shade and can easily be topped up without a mirror.

Here are a few of my favourite pink lip products...

This is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in the shade Rose Perfecto (207). It is a stunning pinky mauve colour. Although described as matte it surprisingly glides on the lips smoothly and evenly. It lasts a fair few hours too, that is if you aren't eating anything too sloppy! It is definitely a luxury lipstick to have and hold, perhaps one to pop on your birthday wish list.

On the lower end of the budget, this is the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. It gives a lovely sheen to the lips that isn't too glossy or matte but sort of in the middle. If you want your lips to look plump - this is for you! I find that this is really easy to apply and maintain throughout the day too.

Here we have the Lime Crime Velvetine in Polly. If I want a long lasting lip, this is my go-to. It is a completely matte liquid lipstick, so I usually apply a layer of lip balm underneath. It is a strong pinky mauve shade, very similar to the YSL. The formula is made to last throughout the entire day but make sure you allow it to set after applying as I have had an embarrassing incident when this got stuck on my teeth (it was at an interview.. so so embarrassing!).

Finally, possibly my top favourite... the GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Delicious. I love everything about this lipstick. The colour, formula, finish and the name! It reminds me of a lipstick shade in Kylie Jenner's collection but I do not own it so I cannot really give you the go ahead of an exact dupe. It is a pretty pink that isn't too bold or nude. It has a satin finish and is very comfortable to wear!

A while ago, I had also written a post about a pinky nude lip combination that was basically giving me life. Update: I still love it but I didn't want to repeat myself in this blog post, so have a read of that if you want more options!

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