31 Dec 2016

Dear Twenty Seventeen

A New Year always makes me feel positive, motivated and optimistic. I clear out my room, get a new diary, pencil things in for the next year - it's all very exciting (trust me to get excited about a new diary).

This time I'm especially feeling the whole 'new year, new me' vibe. I always set myself goals for the upcoming year and to be frank they always flop. The list usually goes something along the lines of: eat healthy, join a gym, read books, travel more... and you get the gist. Basically it comes to actually doing those things and I either put it off or I don't stick with it.

I always set the bar really high for my resolutions and so I wanted to change it up a bit. For 2017 I have set myself some more achievable goals which aren't really goals. I'm treating them more like personal changes that will make me a better person... well, I hope that they will.

So here goes!


Dear 2017, I will...

Challenge myself.

Spend more quality time with those who matter.

Be spontaneous.

Work harder.

Get myself out there.

Not be afraid to make new friends.

Look after my health.

Give back to the community.

Explore, wherever I am.

Live in the moment.

These ten goals mean a lot to me and are fairly reasonable and attainable within an entire year. Obviously I have specific things that I want to achieve, which I actually have made a five year plan for (more coming on this soon).

I feel like I think about these regularly and cannot seem to act upon them every single day. I'll put these somewhere where I can see it everyday and be reminded to actually do it. I have a good feeling that they will help me become a better person.

Best wishes for the New Year!

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