22 Dec 2016

The Budget Brow Edit

I wish I had the perfect brows, especially since there was a huge craze of having fleeky brows! I feel like I like my eyebrows as they are but they just need a bit of definition to look that little bit better. 

So, here is my eyebrow product edit of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Starting with something that didn't work so well with me. This is the W7 Twist and Shape in Blonde. The double ended pencil idea is great, I love it when brow products have a spoolie at the end. However, the pencil of this product was really hard to use. The pigment wasn't great and I had to use a lot of force to get a decent amount out. It wasn't smooth enough to glide over the brows and when I used it, it would pull my hairs out. I couldn't bare to use it any longer and I genuinely have bald areas from where this product pulled the hairs out!

On the other hand, the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown is fab! It doesn't pull hairs out (thankfully) and actually mimics real brow hairs. The nib of the pencil is really thin, which is fab for precision but not if you are in a rush and want something quick and easy. If you want to spend time on your brows and have them looking 'on fleek', this is for you. I heard a lot of good things about this product and it definitely did not disappoint.

The newest addition to my brow collection is the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in Soft Brown. I heard that this was a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Pomade and if you know me, I would never spend that much on makeup, so obviously I went for the budget option. This is quite good for a precise brow if it is used in moderation. Too much can look too cakey as the pomade can sit on top of the brow hairs. It acts as a filler and a gel which is great for my unruly brows. The colour pigment is great and cool toned too.

One of my ultimate favourite brow products is The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in Brown and Black (03). It has a cool toned grey shade that works so perfectly with dark hair tones. It came with a really useless brush but used with an angled brush, it is perfection. If I could only use one brow product for the rest of my life, it would quite possibly be this one.

Another palette I have in my collection is the Eylure Brow Palette in Dark Brown. It has a wax, powder and highlight shade. It is a really good palette as everything is in one place but the only this that lets it down, for me, is that the colours are quite warm. I prefer cool brown tones and this has a tendency to look a bit too warm brown sometimes. However, it is one to keep on your radar if you are after an all-in-one brow product. I may have to check for a different shade selection to match my brows better.



  1. I'll have to try the Nyx one out!

    1. Surprised you haven't already - it's the best thing in the range!


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