25 Jan 2017


In light of the Women's March that took place in several cities across the world on Saturday 21st
January 2017, I thought I'd write my thoughts on female empowerment & girl power.

I've written a post about feminism before but this is a bit different. Until now, I've never identified as a feminist. The word 'feminist' comes along with a string of connotations, mostly negative. Feminists are considered extremists and activists and anti-men but that's not what it really is. I was pro-female and for equal rights and all about women bossing it but I just did not think I was a feminist. The reason I never thought I was a feminist was because of those media-driven representations of what feminists are and what they do. I mean, yes, there are some protests that aren't peaceful but that doesn't automatically mean that all feminists are like that. Honestly, I didn't want to be associated with the negativity that is attached to the word 'feminist'.

Now, I don't even care. I am feminist! The protests and marches that took place on Saturday in London, Washington, New York and wherever else around the world, were so peaceful and respected amongst most people in society that it just made me want to embrace the word, feminist. I saw on social media that so many women, men, girls and boys were taking a stand and rallying for equal rights and it was inspiring, to say the least. 

Imagine, one man gets elected as president and the entire world, both men and women, adults and children, everyone gets together and makes a stand for who? Females! In this day and age it is so refreshing to see males who are feminists too. It is so nice to see that children are being bought up with this knowledge that women should be treated equally to men and we shouldn't live in a segregated society anymore.

Traditional and some religious views are sexist towards women and I feel like we are finally at a point in time where this separation between males and females is going to be eradicated. These people that are campaigning for equality are making a change in society. Gestures like this educate and bring light to the issue of pay gaps between men and women's wages and gender-restricted jobs and generally a woman's position in society! 

I also began to feel quite passionate about feminism when I recently came into contact with a male who is very anti-feminism. Honestly... I was horrified at his response to female empowerment. He told me (& three other women, may I add) that women cannot be CEO's of companies because they are incapable of doing so and it is a man's position to be the director/boss/manager etc. This is completely wrong! There are plenty of girl bosses in today's modern society, running businesses and in positions of power. These are facts - not thoughts!

It baffles me that people still believe that males should be in a higher position to women. Is it because they are threatened by us? I understand that women are often portrayed as weak, incapable and vulnerable in movies but that isn't reflected in real-life, that is a fictional representation and we are completely capable of doing whatever it is we want to do.

I just want to express how feminists are not about being better than men and wanting to be more powerful than them and look down upon them. We just want to be equal. Treated equally and seen as equals too. Equality - is it really that hard, even in the 21st century?

Here is to all the feminists and those people who are all about female empowerment, equal rights, unity and solidarity in society!


  1. Hell yeah for girl power, that's what we are all about! Love this post
    Mandeville Sisters

  2. All about female empowerment!

    Amy ♥
    Snippets of Amy

  3. Such a great post! Who run the world, GIRLS.

    Alexis xoxo | www.alexisanneofficial.com

    Instagram: @lexxianne

    Twitter: @AlexisAnneBlog

  4. I loved this post! I think, growing up in the UK, we are largely sheltered from sexism & inequality as children, or are not really taught about it at least- a lot of the time I feel older generations try to pretend that it doesn't exist- we are taught about the struggle of women to gain the vote but after that it is often implied we were all equal. It isn't until we get a bit older that we can start to see a lot of what we thought was just normal was actually sexist and realise how far there is still to go before real equality is achieved, both here and worldwide. Obviously this is a generalization but it's why I loved seeing so many children and younger people taking part in the marches last week, they will be the future after all!


  5. I agree! I didn't really get taught about females in history and just became aware of it through news and social media. Definitely nice to see young people involved in social and political issues, like this :) x


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