25 Feb 2017

Jessops Level 1 Photography Course

Last week I finally did the Jessops Level 1 Photography Course! I have literally been wanting to book this for months and months, especially after hearing how good it was from Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner. I've recently been given an opportunity to intern for a photography company and I thought this course would help me get to know the features on my camera a bit better and the work experience will help improve my photo taking skills by putting the theory into practice.

If you are interested in doing this course but aren't sure if it is for you, continue reading to find out more about what the day entailed.

Jessops was actually established in Leicester and the original store closed down a few years ago but fortunately reopened last year in the Highcross Shopping Centre! As I am local to Leicester, this is where I decided to do the course. The course trainer, Dina, was very helpful and made an effort to tailor the experience to what each of us were interested in. For example, as I am trying to branch out from macro photography to portraits and landscapes, she tried to show me features that would work best for those types of images.

So in a nutshell the level 1 course offers a basic understanding towards getting to know your DSLR camera and using it on manual settings as opposed to auto. The main areas that were covered were: the journey of light, aperture, lens technology, shutter speed, ISO, the various programmes on the dial, exposure triangle, exposure compensation, filters and composition.

Basically it covers a lot and as it was about 5 hours long, there was plenty of time to learn the theory and put it into practice. As you can tell, there are quite a few phrases of photography jargon that may mean absolutely nothing to sure but that is okay because the trainer will go through what each and every term means, how you can use it, what effect it gives to the photo and so on.

I went into the course knowing a few bits and bobs about my camera and photography in general so I was able to pick things up fairly quickly. I liked how as each topic was covered, we were following through by writing notes and also navigating through the functions on our cameras. As everyone had different brands and types of DSLR's and lenses, the trainer was able to identify each area on our own cameras so we knew exactly what she was talking about.

After we went through a few introductory features, Dina would demonstrate how a photo can be taken using the specific function. We practiced taking photos indoors but as the room was a little small, we went out onto the high street to take some snaps. Here are a few of the photos I took whilst out and about...

It was helpful going through everyones photos together to see what kind of photos we all took and see what worked and what didn't. I quite liked practicing as Dina offered some helpful tips and advice as to how we can make the most of our camera features when taking a photo.

Overall, the day was informative yet fun. I got to meet a few new people and learnt so many new things about my camera that I probably would have never discovered otherwise. It's great knowing what each and every button does and how you can control what the image will look like by adjusting various settings. It also would be fab if you prefer to play it safe and use the camera on automatic mode because this allows you to go onto manual mode and utilise all the features that are available!

The level 2 course is meant to offer a deeper understanding of how you can take better photos using other functions as well as post-production advice. I think I'll wait till I'm more confident with the camera before taking any other courses, but I definitely recommend them if you are contemplating a Jessops photography course!


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  2. That sounds like such a cool workshop and that you learned a lot. Really like the photos in this post!
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