5 Feb 2017

The Lip-Care Lineup

It is no secret that I love a good lip balm... I am constantly applying some form of lip balm at least ten times a day - I'm not even kidding. What can I say? I love having moisturised lips.

The other day I noticed that I seemed to have accumulated quite a selection of lip balms. Five lip balms appears quite excessive but it's actually because I use them at various stages of my dry-lip situation (maybe thats just my way of justifying why I have so many?!) I've mentioned this before but the colder months and winter weather basically ruins my lips and makes them so dry. I thought I'd share my lip-care lineup and what I use to look after my lips.

First things first, let's talk about exfoliation. Just like you should regularly exfoliate your face and body, you shouldn't neglect your lips. Dry and flaky lips are gross but by exfoliating all of the dead skin cells away, they'll instantly look and feel better. It also helps to exfoliate before applying a bold lip colour to basically make them look better. I use a homemade scrub (made from Vaseline and caster sugar) or the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub because it smells and tastes delicious!

Next up, Vaseline. I know some people hate Vaseline but I love the stuff! I use it on a daily basis for regular boosts of hydration throughout the day. It's just great for everyday use because it does the job of keeping my lips moisturised. Plus, it's so inexpensive and available almost everywhere and anywhere.

For a bit of a change, I sometimes use the Carmex Lip Pot. I usually apply it before I put on some lipstick because it plumps them up slightly and makes applying lip liner a lot easier. Plus it smells and tastes yum (do you sense a bit of a theme here?)

For on-the-go days or when I have a bold lip colour on, I sometimes prefer twist-up tubes of lip balm. To replace my Vaseline, I use the Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm because it isn't too greasy, hygienic because it is in a tube and works just as well. However, on days where I require a more heavy-duty lip balm, I like The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector. It isn't too thick nor greasy but somehow works really well to moisturise my lips on those days where I am really struggling with them.

My latest addition to my lip-care stash is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Lip Therapy. I have the one that has a red tint to it and it is actually pretty good. It's perfect for those days where I want a little bit of colour but mostly hydration. Also, it makes a change from using my beloved Vaseline (I love it a lot ok). 

So there we have it... all the stuff I have to look after my lips. Do you have any dry-lip-situation saviours? I'd love to discover some more!
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