31 Mar 2017

Photography Archive // March

March... where oh where did you disappear to?! This month's posts were mostly scheduled from beforehand as I had a lot of assignments due the past few weeks. Plus, my dissertation deadline is creeping up on me and I can't wait to just have it done and dusted! This also means I didn't have much time to go out and take a lot of photos, sadly! However, I did do a bit of exploring and photo taking here and there so I'll share the few that I did take...



Spring is definitely in full swing (let's forget about Storm Doris), which means that all the flowers and greenery are finally coming through! I love taking pictures of flowers and these photos are probably some of my absolute favourites that I've ever taken! I love how vibrant these plants and flowers are and also how they have different textures.

I particularly like the detail of the rain drops on the leaves of this plant, I feel like it adds something to the photo. Plus, the contrast of the red against the green leaves create so much more depth!

I also made a friend as I was exploring! I'm going to admit, I kind of got the heebie jeebies as I was trying to get this shot - I hate insects! 



I love sunsets. They can be so breathtakingly beautiful, especially when different hues of red, orange and purple fill the sky. I wanted to experiment with different ISOs to see what effect it can give when photographing a sunset and here are my two favourites. These photos were only taken one or two minutes apart but I really like the more dramatic of the shadows and the little bird who snuck its way into the image .



If you read this post about my experience at The Photography Show, you'll know that I had such a good time! The first photo of the man dressed like some sort of Robin Hood in the middle of a pretty floral field pretty much made my day. It was hilarious because it was so random!


This time I didn't edit any of the photos (apart from cropping) as I want to start to use my camera functions more to my benefit and leave less work post-production!

... and that's a snippet of my March! What did you get up to this month?
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