8 Mar 2017

Travel Bucket List

I just wish I had a million pounds to spend on travelling around the world. I am so incredibly jealous of those people who spend months out of the year travelling. The fact that I don't travel as much as I wish I could makes it a bit extra special when I do go somewhere! No matter how short or close by.

I love countryside getaways in the UK, they are so relaxing and give me a chance to experience some of the English countryside. Also, you may or may not know that last summer I took a quick trip to Madrid, Spain (48 hours to be exact). I love short breaks to London, haven't explored the capital enough! Plus, in January I got to visit New York and it was probably my most favourite trip - ever! I've also been lucky enough to travel to Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey and Dubai! All of which are beautiful in their own way.

I'm sure many of you have a 'travel bucket list' and so I thought I'd share mine.


I mean who wouldn't want to visit Bora Bora? It looks STUNNING. Especially since that Kardashians episode when they visited and ever since then it has been on every girls bucket list!

Cancun in Mexico has always been on my list. It looks gorgeous and I feel like it is underrated! I don't hear many people talking about how beautiful Mexico is. I hope I get the chance to visit this beautiful place one day.

I really want to see the Northern Lights. I feel like it is a once in a lifetime experience. Iceland also has those really cool hot springs! Plus, sunny holidays are fun but ever since I went to New York in the snow, I would love to visit somewhere else with a different climate.

Santorini, Mykonos & Rhodes - yes please! The white buildings with blue rooftops, the beautiful beaches and simplistic lifestyle are all so appealing to me!

I absolutely adore the Australian accent, it's actually my fave so I'd definitely want to visit one day!

I have never realised how beautiful South Africa is until more recently and definitely made it on to my list straightaway. I love the idea of going on game drives, walking along beaches and strolling around the cities, all in one country.

Looking through photos of Japan, it looks so futuristic yet cultural. Japanese blossom trees, temples and the hustle and bustle of the city... everything just seems so unique. And I love noodles, need I say more?

My sister and brother-in-law visited Maldives during their honeymoon and they said it was fab. Also, Carrie (WishWishWish blog) went and I was absolutely lovestruck by all the beauty in the photos she took. Please someone take me here soon!

There's something about Canada that really makes me want to explore and go there. I really want to see Niagara Falls and the CN Tower. Plus, my favourite blogger Estée Lalonde is from Canada and she occasionally vlogs her trips on her Youtube channel. It looks like a very lovely place to visit.


Last but by no means least, Croatia. The country looks so full of culture and pretty views. I feel like it has a real unique vibe compared to other European cities. It looks like a perfect place to explore.


And there we have it... my travel bucket list!

I've been getting inspiration from Pinterest, of course, and the travel brochures by G Adventures! I would love to go on a trip with them some day!

Have you been to any of these places? Where would you like to go?



  1. I went to Niagara Falls last year and it's beautiful! I went on the boat to see it up close and you literally get drenched haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I hope I get the chance to go soon!! Thanks for the pre-warning, hahah :)

  2. You definitely need to add Thailand and Bali, two very special and magical places!


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