19 Jul 2017

Brand Focus: Anatomicals

I don't know about you but I've been seeing Anatomicals all over my Instagram feed recently. I really wondered what the hype was about and what's so great about the brand... so I thought I'd try out some of the bits they sent me.

The company are a toiletries brand that have products ranging from face cream to shampoo. After having a browse on ASOS and Superdrug for some of their collection, I can see that they cater towards both men and women and offer inexpensive skin, body and hair care products. The brand itself is known for their quirky and bold packaging and the product names are often witty, funny or include some kind of pun, which I am completely all for!

I am trying to get into using different skincare products and develop a better regime that works for my skin type. However, I'm finding that this is proving difficult as my skin tends to go through phases of being extremely dry, super oily and sometimes both together (so not fun).

Anyway, I sometimes suffer with a dry under eye area so I try to use eye cream when possible. No Old Bags Allowed is a gel based product that not only hydrates the under eye area but tightens it too. The gel is easily absorbed by the skin and therefore makes it look brighter and instantly more refreshed. I find that this is good for my skin when it is in the combination phase.

The We Never Forget A Face Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser is a lightweight and non greasy face cream. It is great for everyday use as it contains SPF 15 and co-enzyme Q10 (which is fab for repairing skin cells and encouraging cell growth). The packaging also comes with a pump so it is very hygienic and great for travel!

As it is a daily moisturiser, I don't think the formula is made for extremely dry or dehydrated skin. If your skin type is normal to combination and want something easy to pop on in the morning before applying makeup perhaps, this is great for you.

I also got sent the Because Dreadful Pores Break All Beauty Laws face mask set. It contained three sachets: calming algae, toning cucumber and brightening strawberry. Personally, I think this is a great set for those with a skin type like mine (basically a bit all over the place).

Or perhaps if you are having a girly night in with friends - one for each of you! I found that the sachets have enough product inside for two uses. So make sure to store it correctly or have a friend with you if you want to maximise the use of your mask.

Have you tried any Anatomicals products?

* Products marked with an asterisk are PR samples.


  1. I keep seeing them everywhere but never actually tried, love how they've brand themselves! X

    1. Yes you should give it a go one day! :) x

  2. I continue to believe that these products can help you make your skin better and fill it with the necessary moisture and minerals.


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