12 Jul 2017

How To Be A Morning Person

I am such a morning person.... well most of the time at least! I'm one of those people whose in bed by 9pm and is up at the crack of dawn. I have always been an early bird so it has just become second nature to me!

Now, I am well aware that getting up in the mornings can be quite difficult for some and honestly, I have those days where I struggle too! However, for the most part, I am quite good at getting up and being ready for the day and all before 9am. 

So, I thought I'd share my tips on how to be a morning person....


Have a good nights sleep
Waking up early requires getting a good nights rest. Make sure you get to sleep at a reasonable hour, avoid going on your phone or laptop an hour before you are due to sleep and ensure your body is hydrated! Do whatever makes you comfortable and more likely to have a good sleep. Not only will this allow you to get up early and more comfortably, it will also boost your mood in the morning!

Create a routine
A smooth morning routine is something that has taken me a while to crack down on but now that I have developed one, it is great. I try to get up at the same time everyday and since I've had years of practice of getting up early for college, university or work, my body clock just knows when it's time to wake up.

My advice would be to set an alarm for the same time everyday. Tailor this to your lifestyle and commitments. By doing so, your body will also adjust to this routine and eventually getting up in the mornings at a specific time won't be so hard after all!

You snooze, you lose
Stop.pressing.the.snooze.button. I can't even begin to explain how everything will just go downhill from the moment you press your snooze button. The extra 15 minutes in bed will take a domino effect on the rest of your routine and ultimately the rest of your day. You don't want to be rushing around getting ready in the morning. You really don't want to faff around with your breakfast. You don't want to miss the bus. So a simple solution would be to avoid snoozing your alarm!

Freshen up
It's a good idea to spruce up a bit in the mornings if you want to make getting up early more bearable. If you are a morning showerer, shower. If you fancy a bath, bathe. Wash your face. Put some makeup on. Do whatever makes you feel fresh and ready for the day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Don't miss breakfast! They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's your fuel to set you off for what's to come. Make sure you have a nice meal to look forward to in the mornings. Maybe start getting creative with your breakfast... Cook different things everyday, try new recipes or prepare from the night before.

Need something that packs more punch to get you energised? Do some exercise. Whether is it going for a run, jog or walk, a quick yoga sesh or full of gym routine - go for it!

Think about it this way, getting up early means getting your work done early too.


What are your tips for being a morning person?


  1. This post is like the definition of what I do. I'm such a morning person, I just love waking up early so I can get stuff done earlier.

  2. I'm definitely a morning person too! It's surpising how much a routine helps, I find it so much easier getting up for work than I did getting up for uni when I had different times I needed to be in each day!xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. Yes definitely, I love having a solid routine too :) xx

  3. I exercise every single morning and it really helps me wake up and get me going for the rest of the day!

    Danielle xx

    1. I wish I had your kind of motivation! Going to try to work out in the mornings soon :) x

  4. Similarly, I am such a morning person!
    You've given really good tips.
    Personally, I try to find something to be excited about every single day, that way I can't wait to rise, shine and seize the day!


    1. Aw I love that Steph!! Thanks for commenting and hope you have a lovely day x

  5. Replies
    1. I wish I could shower in the mornings but that is so not me haha!

  6. i am and always have been a morning person too and the one thing i always say to people is DO NOT USE SNOOZE! it makes you so groggy if you keep going back to sleep again and again, you just gotta get up and get on with it!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

  7. Despite the fact that I can go to bed very early, it is still very difficult for me to get up in the morning because for me it is a big problem since childhood.


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