9 Jul 2017

Spectrum Collections // You Look Marbleous Brush Set Review

Soooo I have been using the same makeup brushes for yonks and I thought it was finally about time for a change! I decided to treat myself to some Spectrum Brushes since I had heard a lot about the brand being cruelty free and vegan. I mentioned in a post a while back that I want to slowly transition into being cruelty-free and these makeup brushes are one step towards that goal!

The set of brushes that I bought was the 12 Piece You Look Marbleous Brush Set. It contains a mixture of face brushes, eye brushes, brow brushes and lip brushes. I was after something that covers all bases without being excessive and felt like this set was the perfect balance! Although, I must admit that the choice selection available on the website made it very difficult to choose!

First of all, these brushes are SO incredibly soft. I never realised how scratchy my old brushes were until I felt these. Plus, they look gorgeous and fit my copper and white aesthetic pretty perfectly. They also feel very high quality and completely worth the money that I paid!

Quick run down of what types of brushes are included in the set...
Five face brushes that can interchangeably be used for powder, foundation, blush, bronzer and contour.
Seven smaller brushes - There are a few different options for applying and blending eyeshadow or concealer. Also included is a lip brush and angled brush for brows or liner.

When my package arrived, they also included a little brush guide booklet which was super helpful for a bit of a beauty noob (like me occasionally!) I mean we could all do with a bit of help here and there, right?!

I obviously like to use the brushes for whatever I fancy, there's no rules really. However, some of the brushes were new to me. For example, the flat top contour brush is something I've never even used before. I did attempt to contour with it and I have to admit it is a work in progress. I'll get there one day!

As you can clearly see... the brush fibres are white. They do get dirty within one use. This was inevitable. I'm not too fussed as I regularly clean my brushes but just a word of warning if you aren't too keen on that aspect!

Speaking of cleaning the brushes, I have already cleaned these a few times already and it was a breeze. I have a spot cleaner that I use occasionally but for deep cleaning I currently just use my shampoo.

Pro tip: clean your brushes in the shower! It is literally 100x easier and means you have something to do whilst letting your conditioner do its thing, other than reading the back of the shampoo bottle of course (please tell me other people do this too? Haha!)

Overall, I have to say that these brushes are impressive. There's a reason why people rave about them and I really don't see why people need to buy brushes that aren't vegan or cruelty free. These do the exact same job, if not better!

Have you tried Spectrum Brushes? What makeup brushes do you have?


  1. I need to purchase some of these brushes, they sound amazing! x

  2. Such a great idea to wash the brushes in the shower ! Thank you for sharing !

  3. Heading straight over to their website to get some of these beauts!


    Soph xx

  4. These brushes sound really nice.

  5. These brushes are stunning! I've tried a couple from Spectrum and was pretty impressed with the quality :)

    Jasmine xx

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