27 May 2018

Falling Back In Love With Fashion

The past few months have been so incredibly busy with wedding planning, honeymooning, work and other bits & bobs taking over, I feel like I've been stuck in a bit of a fashion & style rut. I don't think the month-long blogging break I took helped, as I didn't have to conjure up fashion blog posts. I'm usually very motivated when I'm blogging.

Also, in winter it was very easy to get into the routine of wearing the same five jumpers on rotation each week... anyone else? Now that we are well and truly in spring (and almost summer - woo!) I'm struggling in the style department as my wardrobe hasn't been very inspiring.

To begin with (and I've mentioned this before) I don't consider myself to be very fashionable. My sense of style is very much comfort over aesthetic and most of the time 'fashionable' doesn't include comfort. I'm not a fan of heels, I like wearing all-black-everything and I rarely step out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

Honestly, even as a blogger, I am quite lazy when it comes to style. I very rarely dress up and make a proper effort with my outfits but I feel like I've really been letting go recently and it hasn't been a good look!

I've been trying to get my mojo back by finding some motivation and inspiration. Instagram has been a really big help for exactly that. I love scrolling through and saving outfits I like and would like to replicate. I follow a lot of different fashion bloggers (and non fashion bloggers) whose style I absolutely adore and would like mine to be like some day - Emma Hill (@EJStyle), Sophie (@SopharSoSnaps) and Alice (@AliceCatherine) to name a few.

I also find that watching fashion vloggers on Youtube (Samantha Maria is my current favourite), reading fashion blogs and scrolling through the 'fashion' section on Bloglovin to be very motivating. I like seeing the outfits people put together and how they would style a particular item or look. I try to replicate these looks to try something new and potentially out of my comfort zone.

Another thing I've been doing a little bit of is shopping - of course! I've been picking up a few new bits to spice up my spring wardrobe because it was looking a bit dull and outdated. I also did a bit of digging around my mess of a wardrobe, found some older but still decent pieces and put together outfits to give me a bit of motivation.

I picked up this white blouse from Primark a few months back and I'm loving it for cooler spring days. The long sleeves are loose, light and airy so they are perfect for the warmer weather. I paired the top with a pair of simple navy blue jeans, a light pink side bag (to add a subtle hint of spring colour) and a pair of understated sunglasses.

A newer Primark buy - these sandals! The check print and big bow detailing drew me to the shoe section and I just knew I had to buy a pair. I love how easy they are to throw on and how they can add a little bit of something to what would otherwise be a bit of a plain outfit.

How do you get out of a style rut?


Top - Primark (similar)
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Primark (similar)
Bag - New Look (similar)
Sunglasses - Rayban



  1. This was such a great blog post!
    I love your top, that is something that I would definitely wear!

    Danielle xx

  2. It's awesome that you are getting into fashion again. That is awesome.


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