13 May 2018

Yes To: A Natural & Cruelty Free Shower Range

I have been on the hunt for more natural products lately and I began to look into the Yes To... brand. I've always been quite inquisitive about the brand and I noticed that their packaging states that they are 95% natural as well as paraben and silicone free, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try them out. I've heard some great things about their skincare line too but as I am having a bit of a mare with my skin - I thought I'd start with testing out some of their hair and shower products, especially since this is an area I don't switch up very often.

I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of products as they target different ranges for different areas. I decided to go with the Yes To Carrots Shampoo, as I suffer with a dry scalp, Yes To Coconut Conditioner, because my hair lacks in shine and the ends are rather dry, and the Yes To Blueberry Body Wash because it sounded so yum. They all sound like a delicious concoction (although the carrot is a little questionable).

As mentioned previously, the Yes To... brand is made from 95% natural ingredients and is free of potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens and silicones. Many shampoos and conditioners available on the high street are usually filled with these chemical products, however, this range breaks that stereotype as they are available in Boots and are inexpensive too.

The Yes To Carrots Shampoo doesn't lather as much as you would expect shampoos to do so but it definitely does give the hair a good clean. I believe it is chemicals such as the parabens and silicones that make shampoos lather up. I find that this shampoo is gentle on the hair - it is formulated for dry, flaky scalps and definitely keeps mine nourished. It isn't harsh or difficult to wash out and is really great if you do suffer with a dry scalp like me.

Moving on to conditioner, the Yes To Coconut Conditioner smells amazing, as you would expect. The scent aside, the conditioner does a good job of conditioning the hair and keeping it smooth and soft. You don't need much of the product as a little goes a long way - which is always great! I have incredibly dry hair and this product nourishes and keeps my hair soft.

The Yes To Blueberries Body Wash also smells heavenly... I love using the product because it leaves a soft touch of the scent on my skin afterwards - oh and the bathroom smells lovely of course. I can't really say much about a body wash but this one does the job and has the added extra of smelling delicious!

I highly recommend trying the brand out if you are after a natural option to show products. I think I'l give the ret of the products a try someday to see if they match up!


Have you tried any Yes To products?


  1. I can imagine that the Blueberry Body Wash smells incredible!

    Danielle xx


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