5 Aug 2018

A Postcard From Singapore

Singapore was one of the most unique places I've ever visited. First of all, Singapore is a both a country and a city... the island is roughly half the size of metropolitan London. It is also the greenest place ever. I've never seen anywhere that takes so much care when it comes to being environmentally friendly! Everything that is built in Singapore has a reason as well as eco-friendly value. 

Apart from it being so green, there is plenty to do in Singapore. My husband and I only visited for 4 days but we managed to pack a fair bit in. 



Getting Around

As Singapore is so hot on being very environmental, public transport is huge and so common. They even have electric taxis for tourists who don't wish to ride in the same way as the locals. We decided to take the bus wherever we could, whether it was the normal buses or tourist hop-on hop-off bus. It's the cheapest way to travel around so if you can, you should!

Universal Studios

Universal was one of the best paces I've ever visited. I can't even begin to describe it to you! There were so many different rides and entertainment options. They have rollercoasters, stimulators, experiences, shows - all sorts! It is an obvious must-visit on your list if you are going!

Gardens by the Bay

If you love plants, nature and just pretty backgrounds, this place is the one for you. You have got to visit Gardens by the Bay. The experience is partly indoor partly outdoor, some of which are free and some have to be paid for. The outdoor element involves very a pretty light show, at night of course, and the opportunity to walk on a skyway in-between the large canopies called 'super trees'. It is just prettiness all around. So many things to do and look at and admire. You can easily spend a whole afternoon or evening in here!

Singapore Eye

Having never been on the London Eye, we thought we'd go on the Singapore Eye. Taking in total 30 minutes for a full round, the Singapore Eye goes through the history of Singapore as well as the city's hot spots. It is a really good way to cram in several years of culture and famous places in the small space of half an hour.

Jurong Bird Park

Lover of birds? This is the one for you. The Bird Park is filled with the most exotic birds and has so many difference types. Flamingos, Eagles, Owls, Parrots, Budgies... so many birdies. My favourite part of our trip here was feeding the little birds and watching the bird show - these creatures are so talented! There is a bird that can speak 3 different languages, amazing!



Four Fingers

The restaurant diner had the nicest chicken wings and chips. There is a spicy flavour and a mild one - the mild one is a garlic soy flavour and it was amazing. The chips come in three options, plain, with kimchi or with seaweed. We were up for trying something new and the kimchi and seaweed options were actually delicious.


One of the most famous spots to come to for sweet treats is Candylicious. Placed just outside of Universal Studios and Sea Life Centre, this dessert / treat place is a must-visit for anyone who has a sweet tooth.



Singapore has so many malls - you can easily spend a day shopping around each one.

Vivo City is one of the main malls as it has railway connections to Sentosa Island (where Universal and Sea Life Centre is). The island is also home to an incredible beach.

Orchard Mall and Paragon Shopping Centre is filled with your high-end and designer stores, if you fancy splashing out.

Jurong Point is probably the best mall to go to. It is HUGE. There is also something for everyone. Local shopping, inexpensive shopping, expensive shopping, luxury shopping - all the shopping!

I just thought I'd mention that whilst I was in Singapore, I discovered Innis Free, a beauty brand. It is so decently priced and the products are fab. I can't wait to share some purchases with you some day.


And there is my travel guide to Singapore. Have you visited or planning a visit?

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