24 Oct 2018

Korean Beauty: Korika Masks

Today's blog post is all about masks! Once a week, I do try and have a pamper session, even if it is a mini one. There's just something about popping on a face mask & having some me-time that just balances out the week and makes me feel great.

Korika (available to purchase on Notino*) is a Korean beauty brand which uses Asian technology combined with active ingredients to create amazing masks for your face, hands & nails, feet & lips. I've always wanted to try K-beauty but never had the opportunity to! Korean beauty is spoken of very highly in the beauty industry too so I was very excited when I finally had the chance to try Korika.

There are three different ranges: StarBeauty (premium & luxurious), NaturBeauty (has natural extracts) and SciBeauty (masks for the face but also hands, feet and lips). Each mask focusses on a different skin type too, so whatever your skin requires, there is a mask for it!

I have mainly dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin so my favourites from the NaturBeauty range are the nourishing and calming sheet masks. They feel very nice and soothing on the skin and does exactly what it says!

Also, as you know from reading my more recent blog posts, I've been very interested in making the change towards using more natural skincare products. Since the NaturBeauty range contains natural extracts, I can definitely feel the effects it has on the skin after using.

Recently, there have been loads of beauty products which contain 24k gold. At first, I thought it was a gimmick but after reading up on the benefits of gold, I learnt it has several positive effects such as slowing down depletion of collagen in the skin, brightening the skin's complexion and overall, keeping the skin more youthful. I used the StarBeauty Brightening Face Mask with 24 Gold and it did exactly that.

The SciBeauty masks also sound brilliant! I have one that focusses on detoxifying and the other is a stress-shield one. I would definitely use these during a tough week!

The Korika masks are amazing, have something for everyone and ranging from £4 - £9, it is very inexpensive! You can browse and purchase the collection here

* I was very kindly sent these products to try by Notino but as always, all opinions are my own :)


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