21 Oct 2018

My Handbag Essentials

Remember when blogger's used to do 'what's in my bag' videos? This blog post is basically that but without all the receipts, loose change, sweets & whatever else gets thrown into my bag! I often switch my bags out and found that I always carry a few essentials whether it be in my work bag, weekend bag or evening out bag (like that ever happens). I thought I'd share my handbag essentials in case you were as nosey as I am...

First things first, I always have a tub of Vaseline. I'm a big Vaseline fan but a) it's cheap, b) it is easy to carry around and c) it actually works! My husband hates this habit but I honestly can't live without my previous Vaseline tub.

Next up, a cream. I'm currently carrying around the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser because I got a mini tube and it was made for my handbag. Also, it is a great moisturiser for your face. I have been going out make up free 90% of the time and always apply cream when I can (as my skin is v dry) so this cream does a fab job as it is a part of my skincare routine sometimes anyway.

Hand cream is also another must-have, especially as the weather is getting colder and skin is getting more chapped. The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream is what is hanging around currently. I can't say much about it apart from the fact it is hydrating and smells amazing!

Hand sanitiser is a definite staple in my handbag - again this time of the year calls for colds and flus and all sorts going around so clean hands is important! This one by Rituals was kindly gifted to me and I feel so luxurious every time I use it!

I always carry around a Travalo with a fragrance in it because you never know when you'll need that extra spritz! Rather than buying rollerballs or mini versions of fragrances or even lugging around a big perfume bottle, it is easy to decant your fragrance of choice into a travel atomiser.

I also notice that even though I carry around my trusty Vaseline, I always have a lipstick or lip colour in my bag. I have had the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy in the red shade in my handbag for quite some time. As I have been going make up free, a little hint of colour on my lips looks quite nice once in a while.

In case you were wondering, my beautiful burgundy handbag and purse is by Marc Jacobs and was featured in my last blog post if you fancy purchasing it!

And those are my handbag essentials. What are your must-haves? 

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