27 Jan 2019

Currently Testing: J.ONE Skincare

When I got sent some products by J.ONE to try, I was SO excited. I've already tried & tested the Black Jelly Pack and loved it so I was very excited to see what the rest of the range had to offer.

If you've never heard of J.ONE, it is a brand that sets out to narrow down the multiple steps in Korean skincare routines by offering multi-tasking products. First of all, I'll take all the Korean beauty I can get because they seem to know their stuff when it comes to skincare. Secondly, using less products in my own skincare regime would be the dream. Their products seem to cover all bases when it comes to some of my skincare concerns too: hydration, smoothing and anti-aging (it's not too early to start thinking about it, even at my age!) They are also formulated for all skin types and are free from parabens, sulfates & phthalates.

The products are now actually available in Boots so if you aren't too keen on ordering online, perhaps you can pop into your local store and see the products in the flesh - also, you can use your Boots points to purchase it!

Anyway, like I mentioned, I was kindly gifted three products so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them after testing for a few weeks now.

J.ONE Hana Cream*

Apparently they sell one of these every 4 minutes - if that isn't a reason to buy it, then I don't know what is! This is an anti-wrinkle cream and yes, I know, I'm only 22 but believe it or not I have forehead wrinkles! I also have smile lines around my mouth and eyes so I'd rather combat what I can now than leave it to when I'm in my thirties.

This cream also claims to target fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and firmness in the skin - all the good stuff. It also comes in capsule form, which is very unique and unlike any other products I've seen before. One of the ingredients in the cream is the antioxidant, fullerene which absorbs skin-damaging free radicals and essentially protects, plumps & brightens the skin. The hydration comes from the macadamia and sunflower oils whilst the zhimu extract protects and works to give the skin visibly toned & glowy.

Anyway, I've used the capsules a handful of times (trying not to use too much as my skin is quite delicate compared to mature skin the product is essentially targeted to) and they feel incredibly nourishing on the skin. It isn't super heavy or sticky either, make up can definitely be worn on top so no need to worry about using the product in the day time. It just feels really nice on the skin. As for the effects - I haven't seen any results yet but I'm sure after more uses, it'll show.

J.ONE Jelly Pack*

This product is a multi functional primer gel that acts as a moisturiser, anti-aging treatment, mask or primer. Popping this on first thing the morning sets the skin up with plenty of hydration (due to the hyaluronic acid ingredient), a smooth base (hence the jelly like formula) and skin that is prepped for make up (meant to make products grip onto the skin).

The Jelly Pack aims to tackle dullness, uneven skin and dehydration, so that ticks all the boxes for me! The instructions recommend popping 2-3 pumps on your fingers and gently massaging it on to clean skin in an upwards & outwards motion.

I've used this a few times and not only does it feel refreshing, it also makes me feel calm and relaxed. It somehow does everything it says on the tin - hydration: check, smoothening: yep and glowy skin: indeed it does!

J.ONE Black Jelly Pack*

Like I mentioned, I've used this before but I can't get enough! Essentially this is the night time version of the original jelly pack. It has all the same great benefits but works as an overnight treatment to tackle dehydration, uneven skin etc.

The ingredients used in this product have a dark hue (hence the name, black jelly pack) and add several different benefits to the 'sleeping pack'. Black cumin seed tackles skin congestion whilst the truffle, blackcurrant, blackberry, black bee propolis and black pearl aims to combat firmness and lifts fine lines and wrinkles to ensure it is plump and replenished.

Popping this on last thing in the evening simplifies my routine and eliminates the need for serum, moisturiser or any oils. After cleansing and toning, I just pop a few blobs of the Jelly Pack on the tips of my fingers and massage it into the skin. Mornings are a dream after using this because my skin is hydrated, plump and has a much smoother appearance!

If there's one product I recommend purchasing from J.ONE it'd be this one for sure!

Have you tried any J.ONE before? I'd love to know your thoughts! 


*These products were gifted to me as a PR sample.


  1. I've heard nothing but amazing things about this brand, i really need to try them xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

    1. Ah, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :) x


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