24 Feb 2019

Homeware Haul | Living Room

I know it takes a while for a house to feel like a home but I feel like we are definitely getting there! Since moving into our new home in December, we've been thinking about how we'd like each room to look and be styled. We didn't want to rush into making any quick decisions we'd regret later so we're slowly buying a few homeware bits here and there to make our home feel complete.

The living room was the first place we wanted to get sorted as we spend a lot of time here. So I've been buying bits and bobs specifically for this room over the past few weeks and thought I'd share them with you all.

I'm aware I have too many candles but as well as them making the room smell nice, they make for great decor too! This one by DW Home matches my living room colour theme perfectly and despite the scent sounding overpowering, it is very soft and subtle! A great scent that isn't too feminine or masculine.

Baskets are HUGE on Instagram at the moment and I just couldn't resist! After browsing in the basket section of TK Maxx for a good 30 minutes, I knew I had to take this one home with me. It's grey and white and has the woven / wicker basket look and fits my blankets in perfectly. They had smaller sizes too but I figured I should only buy one for now!

I've been um-ing and ah-ing over cushions for our sofa and eventually I came to a decision that bold colours would go best. We have one of the walls in our living room painted a dark blue so to match, I thought dark blue pillowcases would look lovely.

To add a pop of contrast, the mustard just works so beautifully with the blue and the grey. You'll soon see I've added more touches of mustard yellow around the living room too!

These pillow cases and filler cushions were from H&M home and we got them in the velvet finish.

I also knew I just had to buy a plant and after visiting the cutest florist in Leicester - The Bloom Project, Queens Road - I knew I had to take this cheese plant home! Emma (the owner) told me that they are easy to look after so I figured it'd be a great place to start.

I bought this gold hammered plant pot to depot the plant into and it matches perfect with our navy, grey, mustard and gold theme.

More gold touches include this pair of simple gold candlestick holders. I love how sleek and minimal they are yet they add so much elegance to the fireplace. The candlesticks were from H&M and the actual candles were purchased from Tiger.

Also from The Bloom Project, these beautiful dried plants! They make really nice decorations not just in the living room but in other rooms of the house as well!


17 Feb 2019

How I Like To Practice Self Care

We all seem to be rather busy nowadays, myself included! I don't know what it is but I find myself to be engrossed in a cycle of work, life, family and home that it is actually quite difficult to get some 'me time' in the schedule.

I think self care is important for everyone as you get to spend some time looking after yourself, making yourself happy and just doing a little something for you. It gives your mind, body and soul a break from 'everyday' life so you can spend a bit of time focussing on the most important thing, you!

Now, self care doesn't have to be a super long detailed routine.. it can be 5 minutes of your day or an evening in the week - it's just whatever works for you and your lifestyle.

I'd like to think I give myself regular self care sessions, perhaps not as much as I'd like to but enough to get me through a busy month. I thought it would be nice to share how I like practice self care so you can get some ideas, product recommendations or just simply be inspired by!


Weekday mornings are usually spent alone as my husband has already left for work so sometimes I like to take some time out in the morning, before I head to work, to relax a little. I usually sit with my breakfast on the dining table for about half an hour or so and either meal plan, blog, write my thoughts down.

Sometimes I spend some time apart from my phone and have a digital-free breakfast, which can be nice. There's something about sitting there with my mug of tea and bagel and just not doing anything else apart from eating and thinking. It's a great way to start the day as I spend the next 8+ hours staring at a screen!


My favourite way to unwind, relax and spend my 'me time' is to have a pamper evening. Usually once every fortnight, I take an evening to myself and treat myself...

Obviously I had to include skincare somewhere in this post, so here it is! I really popping on a face mask and then following up with a luxurious skincare routine as an extra treat. Some of my current favourite products are the Sephora Face and Under Eye Masks, the Odacite Hydration Serum Concentrate and Ren Evercalming Face Mask.

I'm not going to lie, most times I opt to watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls (I've almost finished it!) but when I'm not feeling telly or a movie, I like to sit down with a book. Two of my recent purchases include An Edited Life by Anna Newton (a.k.a. The Anna Edit), which has made me to purge a lot of my products, and The Beauty of Eczema by Camille Knowles - so far it is very interesting. I'll be sure to pop up reviews when I've finished the books.

I'm trying to get into fitness / health a bit more so I occasionally like to do a yoga session. They can actually be so relaxing and leaves you feeling so calm! I highly recommend trying a yoga class if you haven't already.

How do you like to practice self care?

10 Feb 2019

Products Helping To Grow My Hair Out

Over the past year I’ve been trying to grow my hair and honestly, I’m really surprised at how much it has since! I loved my shorter hair but I would really like to grow my hair so it is a few more inches longer – I’ve not had long hair in years so it’ll be a nice change. Anyway, today’s post includes the products that I’ve been using to help my hair grow longer and most importantly, healthier.

First of all, not using heat on it has been helping a lot. I rarely use my straighteners or curlers and I never ever dry my hair using a hairdryer. This has definitely been helping keeping the lengths and ends really healthy.

A natural product I’ve been using is some good ol’ coconut oil. I’ve written a blog post on how I use coconut oil so feel free to have a read of that here. I love a natural remedy and coconut oil not only smells a-ma-zing, it nourishes the hair and makes a great mask / scalp treatment. I love slathering this on to my roots, lengths and ends and then braiding my hair so the coconut oil can work it’s magic for a few hours, overnight or even all day! It’s a great treatment for any hairtype too.

Next up is the Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner. This product looks like it is still brand new because you literally need the teeniest tiniest little bit but it goes a loooong way. When my hair is damp or dry, I apply a little bit of this across the lengths to keep things smooth – plus it smells amazing! Using this in between hair washes makes my hair last a lot longer than the usual 2 day mark. Also, I sometimes apply a lot more of the product as a treatment and again braid my hair so it can soak in.

Another day-to-day treatment is the OGX renewing organ oil of Morocco. I like to apply this on damp hair, especially on the ends, as it just soaks straight into my hair and keeps it healthy and nourished. Damaged ends hinders your hair from growing longer so the healthier you keep it, the better it’ll grow. This looks like a tiny bottle, but like the product I mentioned before, a little bit of this goes a long way too!

Another treatment worth mentioning is the Lee Stafford Growth Treatment. The For Hair That Doesn't Grow Past A Certain Length mask is amazing. As you can imagine, it does what it says on the tin. I use this every few weeks and massage it into my scalp so it can encourage the hair follicles to grow. An easy to use hair mask that does a great job for seeing hair growth results and it makes your hair super soft. I’ve not tried other products from the range but I’ve heard they are brilliant for hair growth too.

Do you have any tips for growing out your hair? Leave them in the comments below!

3 Feb 2019

Easy Ways To Budget On Clothing

Sometimes I really struggle to save money on things like skincare and make up - come on, you always need one more pinky-nude lipstick, right?! I’ve found that when it comes to fashion, I’ve set myself some rules when I shop around.

Since I’m more grounded when it comes to style and shopping, I thought I’d share my tips and advice so you too can save yourself a little extra and perhaps save (what you probably should be doing) or spend it elsewhere (what you shouldn’t be doing but will probably do anyway).

There’s of course the obvious points such as shopping in charity shops, during sale times and using discount codes / coupons but here are a few more…

#1 Hold a Swap Shop

So we’ve done one of these at my workplace for the past two years and after the most recent one, I came back with SO many nice clothes (some with tags on) and I didn’t have to pay a penny!

Basically you and your colleagues or friends or whoever you are doing this with, bring in your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories (that are in good wearable condition) and depending on the brand, they are exchanged for a certain number of stamps. You can then use these stamps to ‘buy’ other people’s clothes, again priced by stamps depending on the brand.

I’ve popped a key below so you can get an idea!
  • Cheap high-street (eg. Primark) and makeup/skincare = 1 stamp
  • High-street (eg. Topshop) and high end makeup/skincare = 2 stamps
  • High end (eg. Reiss) = 3 stamps
  • Designer items = 4 stamps
It is such a brilliant idea and as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

#2 Stop buying trend pieces

I rarely purchase trend pieces and would much rather spend my money on basics or classic pieces that will last through many seasons and years to come. Trend pieces are fun once in a while but they go out of fashion and look dated quickly. If you are worried about looking ‘on-trend’, perhaps buy something that’s a bit more timeless.

#3 Create a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to a) stop shopping but b) be a bit more thoughtful when pairing clothing together. Capsule wardrobes encourage you to keep pieces that match with as many things as possible in your wardrobe – that way you are maximising your wear.

In turn that decreases your cost per wear, meaning you can invest more into your clothes if you like and also helps with minimising your clothing collection itself. Capsule wardrobes aren’t as limiting as they seem. I recommend trying one if you are in a bit of a rut!

#4 Make sure your new purchases match your existing wardrobe

When buying new clothing pieces, consider whether that new blouse matches more than 3 pairs of bottoms in your wardrobe. If certain pieces of clothes only match one other element, that piece of clothing isn’t going to get as much use and you’ll find that you don’t reach for it as often. Being a bit more mindful with your choices means that more pieces will match and therefore you have more outfits.

So there you go, a few hints and tips on how to save money on style. I find that being a blogger and following other fashion bloggers, there sometimes is a bit of pressure to continuously purchase new clothes and be ‘on trend’. Obviously try and ignore the urge and resist the temptation but you can still like ‘stylish’ without spending silly amounts of money.


What are your favourite ways to save some cash when it comes to fashion?
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