3 Feb 2019

Easy Ways To Budget On Clothing

Sometimes I really struggle to save money on things like skincare and make up - come on, you always need one more pinky-nude lipstick, right?! I’ve found that when it comes to fashion, I’ve set myself some rules when I shop around.

Since I’m more grounded when it comes to style and shopping, I thought I’d share my tips and advice so you too can save yourself a little extra and perhaps save (what you probably should be doing) or spend it elsewhere (what you shouldn’t be doing but will probably do anyway).

There’s of course the obvious points such as shopping in charity shops, during sale times and using discount codes / coupons but here are a few more…

#1 Hold a Swap Shop

So we’ve done one of these at my workplace for the past two years and after the most recent one, I came back with SO many nice clothes (some with tags on) and I didn’t have to pay a penny!

Basically you and your colleagues or friends or whoever you are doing this with, bring in your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories (that are in good wearable condition) and depending on the brand, they are exchanged for a certain number of stamps. You can then use these stamps to ‘buy’ other people’s clothes, again priced by stamps depending on the brand.

I’ve popped a key below so you can get an idea!
  • Cheap high-street (eg. Primark) and makeup/skincare = 1 stamp
  • High-street (eg. Topshop) and high end makeup/skincare = 2 stamps
  • High end (eg. Reiss) = 3 stamps
  • Designer items = 4 stamps
It is such a brilliant idea and as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

#2 Stop buying trend pieces

I rarely purchase trend pieces and would much rather spend my money on basics or classic pieces that will last through many seasons and years to come. Trend pieces are fun once in a while but they go out of fashion and look dated quickly. If you are worried about looking ‘on-trend’, perhaps buy something that’s a bit more timeless.

#3 Create a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to a) stop shopping but b) be a bit more thoughtful when pairing clothing together. Capsule wardrobes encourage you to keep pieces that match with as many things as possible in your wardrobe – that way you are maximising your wear.

In turn that decreases your cost per wear, meaning you can invest more into your clothes if you like and also helps with minimising your clothing collection itself. Capsule wardrobes aren’t as limiting as they seem. I recommend trying one if you are in a bit of a rut!

#4 Make sure your new purchases match your existing wardrobe

When buying new clothing pieces, consider whether that new blouse matches more than 3 pairs of bottoms in your wardrobe. If certain pieces of clothes only match one other element, that piece of clothing isn’t going to get as much use and you’ll find that you don’t reach for it as often. Being a bit more mindful with your choices means that more pieces will match and therefore you have more outfits.

So there you go, a few hints and tips on how to save money on style. I find that being a blogger and following other fashion bloggers, there sometimes is a bit of pressure to continuously purchase new clothes and be ‘on trend’. Obviously try and ignore the urge and resist the temptation but you can still like ‘stylish’ without spending silly amounts of money.


What are your favourite ways to save some cash when it comes to fashion?


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