24 Feb 2019

Homeware Haul | Living Room

I know it takes a while for a house to feel like a home but I feel like we are definitely getting there! Since moving into our new home in December, we've been thinking about how we'd like each room to look and be styled. We didn't want to rush into making any quick decisions we'd regret later so we're slowly buying a few homeware bits here and there to make our home feel complete.

The living room was the first place we wanted to get sorted as we spend a lot of time here. So I've been buying bits and bobs specifically for this room over the past few weeks and thought I'd share them with you all.

I'm aware I have too many candles but as well as them making the room smell nice, they make for great decor too! This one by DW Home matches my living room colour theme perfectly and despite the scent sounding overpowering, it is very soft and subtle! A great scent that isn't too feminine or masculine.

Baskets are HUGE on Instagram at the moment and I just couldn't resist! After browsing in the basket section of TK Maxx for a good 30 minutes, I knew I had to take this one home with me. It's grey and white and has the woven / wicker basket look and fits my blankets in perfectly. They had smaller sizes too but I figured I should only buy one for now!

I've been um-ing and ah-ing over cushions for our sofa and eventually I came to a decision that bold colours would go best. We have one of the walls in our living room painted a dark blue so to match, I thought dark blue pillowcases would look lovely.

To add a pop of contrast, the mustard just works so beautifully with the blue and the grey. You'll soon see I've added more touches of mustard yellow around the living room too!

These pillow cases and filler cushions were from H&M home and we got them in the velvet finish.

I also knew I just had to buy a plant and after visiting the cutest florist in Leicester - The Bloom Project, Queens Road - I knew I had to take this cheese plant home! Emma (the owner) told me that they are easy to look after so I figured it'd be a great place to start.

I bought this gold hammered plant pot to depot the plant into and it matches perfect with our navy, grey, mustard and gold theme.

More gold touches include this pair of simple gold candlestick holders. I love how sleek and minimal they are yet they add so much elegance to the fireplace. The candlesticks were from H&M and the actual candles were purchased from Tiger.

Also from The Bloom Project, these beautiful dried plants! They make really nice decorations not just in the living room but in other rooms of the house as well!



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