10 Apr 2019

How Social Media Has Revolutionised Cleaning

I must admit, I'm a little nervous about writing this post because it is something I've never shared or talked about on my blog or social media channels before. However, if you know me IRL, I now have a crazy obsession with cleaning. Yes - cleaning! I've always been very interested in organisation so I don't think cleaning is far off, but I can hold my hands up and say that social media has definitely influenced my attitude towards cleaning.

My cleaning craze started pre Mrs Hinch days, probably because Marie Kondo's book inspired me to organise my life in a logical way. Coming across MrsHinchHome on Instagram made my interest into an obsession. If you don't know who Mrs Hinch is, where oh where have you been. I'd say she is one of the many reasons why cleaning is a thing nowadays. Sophie (Mrs Hinch) would share Instagram posts and stories of her cleaning her home. She'd talk about the products she uses and share hints and tips about all things cleaning!

I'm not sure why I was so hooked, but I was. And it wasn't just me! Millions of people now follow Sophie and watch her cleaning posts everyday. It wasn't just the activity of watching her cleaning her home that had me hooked, it was the conversations on Instagram, Twitter and in person (it was a great conversations starter at work). And you know what, I actually started to enjoy cleaning even more. Cleaning was no longer a chore, I started to genuinely enjoy it... which is a crazy thought!

After the craze of Mrs Hinch, which still continues as she has just released a book, I noticed several other Instagram accounts also sharing cleaning hacks, product recommendations and even doing sponsored posts. This led to conversations about how influencers are encouraging people to spend more and more on mass cleaning products.

Websites like Easho are available so people can buy products cheaply in bulk but it is now the norm, cost aside. The act of buying and storing products, back ups and having a variety of different options of the same product is very popular. I admit, even I do it! I now like having the choice of a different cleaning product every day. There have been negative comments about this on social media and in the press but I feel like the reasoning behind why I do it is the same reason why so many people have large make up collections.. because they want choice. I do feel like it is justified but I probably wouldn't have done it to the extent I am if it wasn't for the 'cleanfluencers'.

It's just so fascinating to see how social media can impact even the most mundane activities in life and turned it into a hobby. People now have dedicated Instagram accounts, spend time recording themselves cleaning their home, share cleaning product hauls and are purchasing books like Mrs Hinch's.

As you can tell, I'm kinda into this whole cleaning thing and would love to know your thoughts on it too! Is this something you'd like to see from me on my blog and Instagram? It's no secret that social media has revolutionised cleaning and has taken it from being something so mundane and tedious to an activity that is trendy and exciting!

I'd love to know how these influencers on Instagram have changed your view on cleaning - are you into it? 

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