14 Apr 2019

Rituals Dao Bath & Shower Range // Review

I am a creature of habit when it comes to shower products but recently I've been inspired to explore more after trying the Ritual of Dao range from Rituals. I've always been tempted to try Rituals but the price always put me off. However, I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of Rituals products and I was so excited to finally give them a go!

The Dao range is inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy which revolves around getting the harmony between Yin and Yang in order to fulfil a balanced life. The range aims to get you to relax, slow down and find peace and tranquility.

The products I've got are all infused with White Lotus Flower, which are considered a symbol of peace, purity and spiritual growth in the Far East. The other prominent ingredient, Yi Yi Ren, originates from China and is often used in medicine for hydration.

This range is supposed to be calming and when you smell any one of the products, you'll definitely understand why. The scent made me feel like I was in a spa, it is a really nice soft, relaxing scent that isn't too overpowering.

The first product I used was the Mindful Body Scrub. This product fills the shower with the most relaxing scent, it is amazing. The scrub is made with super small bamboo particles and combined with the hydrating coconut oil based cream, it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

The Calming Shower Oil is a beautiful oil which turns into a soft foam upon contact with water. Upon massaging into the skin it instantly leaves the skin feeling nourished. I feel like this product adds a new step into my shower routine. I don't have any other products like this in my collection but if there is anything else similar in the market (preferably high street!) I'd love to know.

The Balancing Foaming Gel is a really cool product. Just shake the bottle, pump a little bit out and watch it go from a liquid gel to a foam. Then apply the foam onto your skin and your skin feels squeaky clean. I have a mini version of this product to take away on our travels (follow me on Instagram to see where I'm off to!) and I'm so glad I do!

Have you tried anything by Rituals before?


  1. These products sound great! I've been wanting to try some of Rituals products for ages - I'll have to get some when I next go shopping x


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