19 Jan 2020

3 Life-Changing Things I've Learnt From An Edited Life by Anna Newton

Over the past few months, I've been reading An Edited Life by Anna Newton (The Anna Edit) on and off (I've never been a good reader!) and I thought I'd share some of the key outcomes I've learnt. The book is about all things organisation, decluttering, being efficient and of course, editing. Split into various chapters about life, work and home, there's something for everyone.

LESSON NO 1 | The 50:30:20 income split

In the Life chapter, Anna talks about money and budgeting. I subconsciously have always done this tip but it was good to get a handle on the topic a bit more and I thought it would be a useful method to share with you all!

Your net income should be split into 3 ways: fixed expenses, variable expenses and savings & debts:

  • FIXED EXPENSES | 50% - Rent / mortgage, bills (water, electric, gas), car expenses, council tax, insurance etc.
  • VARIABLE EXPENSES | 30% - Food shopping, health (gym, healthcare etc), subscriptions, entertainment, gifting etc.
  • SAVINGS & DEBTS | 20% - Savings, pension & loan repayments etc. 

First things first would be to organise your income into these three categories and figure out how your money is usually split. If it is looking similar, great! You are on the right track. If it is looking more like 40:50:10, maybe it is a good time to rethink your outcomes and variable expenses.

This method will hopefully help me save a lot more and hope it helps you if you are looking to organise your earnings and expenses better. 

LESSON NO 2 | Improving your productivity levels

I'm always up for any advice on how to up my productivity, whether it is at work or home. So when Anna talked about the 'one touch' and 'three tasks a day' rule in the Work section of her book, I thought I'd try these tips out. 

  • ONE TOUCH RULE | Avoid starting a task if you can't see it through from start to finish. If you find yourself dipping in and out of tasks, this can actually be unproductive and it might be better to work chunks so you can get one job done at a time. 
  • THREE TASKS A DAY | Set yourself just three main tasks for the day and this will help you balance your day. It's enough to see you through the day but also make you feel like you have done enough without wanting to do more.

LESSON NO 3 | The F.U.L.L. method for decluttering

I admit, I think I am a hoarder in some aspects on my life. When it comes to my make up and skincare, I am really good at keeping my collection concise. However, cleaning products, clothes and other bits and bobs around the home, that's a bit of a touchy subject. 

Anna has invented the F.U.L.L. method (look in the Home chapter) for when you are decluttering each area in your home. 

  • Is it FUNCTIONAL? Have you got use for it?
  • Have you USED it in the last year?
  • Do you LOVE it?
  • Do you like the LOOK of it?

The book contains lists and other tips and advice for if you are looking for more information so be sure to check it out if you are interested. 

And there you go - three life-changing lessons I've learnt from An Edited Life. The book is a great resource for guidance on organising your life, home and work. If you are looking for a book you can dip in and out of for advice on themes, like the above, I highly recommend getting your hands on this. Alternatively, Anna's blog and Youtube channel is full of other tips and advice on similar topics!

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