23 Feb 2020

Review: Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Machine

I'm lucky to have been blessed with hairy genes (not) so I've spent most of my late-teens and early twenties finding the best ways to de-hair myself - which is great fun. Shaving, waxing, epilating, laser... I've tried them all!

So a couple of years ago I decided to invest in the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Machine to add to the various methods of hair removal I've tried. Since IPL machines are a huge investment, I thought I'd share a review of the machine that I bought so it may help fellow hairy gals to make a decision on whether to invest.

The Philips Lumea has been made in collaboration with dermatologists, which makes it more reliable and trustworthy, hence why I purchased this one. I was looking for a product I could use in-between waxing appointments as a top up. IPL is also supposed to work similarly to laser treatments, meaning it lessens the hair growth. The product states that customers have seen up to 92% hair reduction in just 3 treatments (every 4-8 weeks).

There's a few things you should know before you purchase one of these. The Philips Lumea states that it works great on hair that is naturally blonde, brown and black as well as being suitable for fair to darker skin tones. It does, however, say that it is not suited for very dark skin as there needs to be a contrast between the hair pigment and skin tone.

Also, it is a little painful (similar to a rubber band flicking against your skin) and must be used according to the instructions. They recommend to keep between 4-8 weeks between treatments so it effectively works.

The Philips Lumea has a SmartSkin sensor which helps determine what the best setting is for your skin tone. So you can either start with that setting or begin at 1 and work your way up. The product is also cordless but can be used whilst charging, so there's no need to worry if you run out of battery mid-IPL sesh.

There's two different attachments with the Philips Lumea, one for the face and for the body. It's really easy, simple and quick to use as all you need to do is press the button and move onto the next area. There's a sensor that picks up if you have placed the machine in the right position and the light will be on when done so.

Overall, I think that the machine is good value for money considering it replaces the need for a professional treatment (which can cost hundreds per session). I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an at-home solution to hair removal as it is more effective than the others I've tried.

If you are after an IPL machine, this is definitely a good buy.


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