18 Mar 2020

Review: Palmers Coconut Oil Haircare Range

I'm often looking for more natural shampoos and conditioners or products without sulphates in them as I have curly hair (if you read this post, you'll understand why!)

I feel like more natural hair products are often priced higher so when I came across the Palmers Coconut Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner, I was pleasantly surprised that they were in the £4-£5 price range.

The shampoo and conditioner are sulphate and paraben free (as well as free of several other damaging ingredients) and you can really tell when you use the products.

When I use regular shampoo and conditioners in the shower, they often lather up and feel different. These products have less bubbles (which is usually the effect of the sulphates and parabens) and make my hair feel cleaner and lighter.

Having curly hair means that I should use products that make my hair feel lighter as it is already heavy enough. I really liked how the products felt straight after the shower and once my hair dried. I also LOVE the smell. It obviously has a coconut scent but it also smells clean and fresh.

The leave-in conditioner spray was great for keeping my hair hydrated after the shower. I would apply it when my hair was damp and also like applying it when my hair is dry to add nourishment to the ends.

Overall, I think that the range is great. I feel it is great value for money, works great with my hair and leaves it looking and feeling hydrated and nourished. I'd definitely recommend this to you if you are on the look out for something similar to me!

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