25 Oct 2020

5 Things I've Learnt About My Eczema

As it is Eczema Awareness Month I wanted to share 5 things I've learnt about my eczema. I've battled with eczema on and off over the past few years. It started when I was a child, I've shared my eczema story here if you want to know more about my history and background. More recently I've shared my eczema finds as we adjust to the 'new normal'

1. It's triggered by stress
The main learning I've taken away this year is that my eczema isn't bought on by a product or lifestyle change, it's triggered by stress. Stress is an emotion that can be really hard to manage but I know if handled well, my skin will thank me for it. If anyone has any particular stress management tips or advice, I'd really appreciate it! Here are some other lifestyle tips that I've practiced over the years.

2. Doesn't like too much makeup
My skin and eczema doesn't like a lot of makeup and I notice that instantly. If I were to wear makeup, my skin will show a reaction. I've really paired back my makeup collection and eczema-friendly makeup routine since learning this. I prefer to go with a lighter base (perhaps only concealer) and keep the product on my skin minimal.

3. Avoid testing new skincare too often
I started this blog as my passion for beauty and skincare grew and over the years and since my major eczema episode, I haven't been able to continue testing and trying new make up and skincare products. I now know what my skin likes and what it doesn't like so trialling products isn't really a common occurrence anymore but I do enjoy finding eczema skincare products that work for my skin and share them, in case they help you too. 

4. Can't slack on skincare
Whilst I can't test new skincare too often, I can't slack on my current skincare routine. It looks very similar to this at the moment but I've learn't that skipping the routine in the morning or evening really takes its toll on my skin and the after-effects aren't pretty. 

5. Sharing my experiences helps others
Me sharing my experiences one here and Instagram has opened up so many opportunities to help others. I have people messaging me all the time asking for recommendations and by no means am I an expert but I enjoy having conversations with other people experiencing similar things. 

It also is a great way to open up and normalise eczema. It's easy to share selfies on Instagram on 'good skin days' but what about when you have a patch of eczema on your neck or chin? Will it get less likes? I want to talk about all the things that people don't share on Instagram and blogs. 

And that's 5 things I've learn about my eczema - Do you suffer with eczema? Is there anything you've learnt and noticed?


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