7 Mar 2021

How To Create The Best WFH Day-To-Day Routine For You

Despite there being a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel and a hint of hope in the air, work-from-home life is very much here to stay for most workplaces. With the return to offices optional, at-home routines will slowly shift as daily life will continue and be moulded around your new regime in the 'new normal' (again!)

Personally, I've made a few changes to my day-to-day routine since working from home become the norm. It's something we all had to adjust to but going forward, with life around us returning to normal, it's no doubt that daily WFH routines will continue to change and adapt to become more flexible. Here's how I'm going to be changing my usual regime to cater towards my job, lifestyle and environment - here's how you can too!

Choose what time you wake up

When I used to go to the office, I'd often wake up around 7am so I had enough time to get ready, eat breakfast, sort any errands and travel to work. However, with WFH, my commute to the box room is even shorter, which means I have the luxury of waking up later. However, I've realised that lying in until 8am everyday sometimes doesn't give me enough time to get up and be prepared for the day. 

So pick the time that works for you and your body. If you need to get up at 6am and do a workout, shower etc, that's fine! Just because other people are lying in, doesn't mean you have to as well. The blessing of working from home means you get to control this on a day-to-day basis and you can always switch it up!

Work when and where you are most productive

With most workplaces offering 'flexible' working, you are able to choose your own working hours. If you are a late-riser and prefer working in the afternoon until evenings, that's great! Likewise, if you are an early-bird and prefer 8am-4pm hours, that's an option now!

Also, with home offices being a luxury these days, choose where to work where you are most productive! Whether that is in bed, on the dining table or in your living room, it's your work day and you get to control it. 

Likewise, you can adapt the location and times around your lifestyle - I know many parents are struggling and with the flexibility to change your work hours, I'm sure it helps massively with homeschooling and general parenting.

Take a lunch break

This is something I've taken more seriously over the past few weeks... taking an actual lunch break. It's really easy to have a working lunch but I really think it's important to get up and away from your workspace for an hour to refresh. Working on a screen all day is straining on the eyes, your brain and your body so it's important to have a break for an hour. 

Separate work and home life

I know I mentioned that many people don't have the luxury of having a home office but it's important to create an end to your work day. Whether that is cleaning up your workspace and packing your laptop away in a bag or shutting the door to the spare room, it's a clear line between your work day and the rest of your normal life. 

Again, this might be hard depending on your environment and lifestyle but I think making the switch physically helps to change your mental mindset too and allows you to switch off. 

Don't be afraid to change it up

Whilst creating a routine that works for you is great, it's okay to make changes! If you have the option to work 4 days a week, go for it and take those 3 days as your weekend. Likewise, it may be that your workplace requires you to work more hours, so adapt your daily routine to accommodate towards that and don't let it stress you out. 

All in all, keep chopping and changing your working hours, alarm, workspace until you find a combination that works for you and allows you to be productive. 


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  1. Love this! I have been working from home ever since I started my job in September and it is actually so nice to be able to start my day a little earlier (as I wake up early) and end earlier. It works best for my life and allows me more time to blog after work is done!
    Jenna ♥
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