11 Jul 2021

My Postpartum And Recovery Essentials

Baby S is almost 3 weeks old and I'm slowly starting to feel like my normal self again! I've noticed that I've been reaching for certain essentials over the past few weeks, which have helped with my postpartum recovery and breastfeeding journey, and I wanted to share them here in case some of you are looking to purchase things for your postpartum recovery!

Personal Care

One of the first things I used in the hospital alongside maternity pads were adult nappies! I purchased some incontinence pants so I wouldn't have to worry about ruining any of my underwear (TMI but it can easily happen!). It was probably the best thing I ever purchased for my postpartum recovery! I used them for about a week afterwards and they came in so handy so I'd highly recommend.

In terms of maternity pads, these are different to normal period pads. They are longer and softer so it feels more gentle on the area, so I'd recommend buying the proper maternity pads over period pads purely for the comfort. 

Next up... Big pants! It's one of the things I saw on many other people's hospital bag checklists. Whether you have a vaginal delivery or caesarean section, big pants will feel much more comfortable post birth as you may be wearing pads for a while.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I found it really hard to dress myself - especially during the mini May heatwave we had! I lived in wide leg trousers and maternity t shirts because they were comfy and postpartum it didn't really change! I found it easy to wear t shirts afterwards for breastfeeding and the trousers were comfortable as they weren't tight or restricted.

I've purchased a few nursing bra's but the ones I've found most comfortable and useful were these ones from New Look (take the pads out for maximum comfort!) and this Miss Lovely bra by Anita Maternity*. The New Look one was great for days at home and nights, whilst the Anita Maternity bra was great for when I was out as it provided full support!

I'd purchased disposable breast pads but later preferred reusable cotton breast pads as they were softer and more comfortable (plus more eco-friendly). I purchased these ones from Boots as they came with a wash bag and were inexpensive! 

To soothe my nipples, I applied Lanolin or the My Little Coco Baby Mama Soothing Nipple Balm, which helped massively! Lanolin is more thicker and nourishing, whilst the My Little Coco one is a thinner consistency. 

One of the things that helped when my milk came in, was the Natural Birthing Company Breastfeeding Oils* - I applied them to warm water and soaked a flannel to apply on my boobs and they soothed them instantly!

Self Care
For a little bit of self care, I would continue to apply the Natural Birthing Company Massage and Stretch Mark Oil* on my belly, thighs and boobs after birth. It just helped me feel better and was part of my morning and evening routine! 

Another product from The Natural Birthing Company that I used daily was the Sleepy Mama Relaxing Pillow Mist* - just for a little bit of relaxation.

When I was pregnant, I took Pregnacare but for after the baby, I switched to the Mumomega Supplements from Equazen*. These are halal and kosher-friendly and could even be taken during pregnancy as it supports key brain and eye development for baby.

For pregnancy, I purchased the BellaMoon 4-in-1 Pregnancy and Maternity Pillow because it was what I needed during pregnancy but can also help afterwards. I now use the ends of the pillow to support me during feeding, which it goes under my arm or behind my back or neck. I highly recommend this pregnancy pillow! 


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