15 Aug 2021

The Newborn Essentials List

Shopping for a newborn when your pregnant can be really hard and overwhelming - Have you got everything? Have you got enough? Will you actually use this? So many questions!

Now that Baby S is almost 7 weeks old, I wanted to share my newborn essentials list and the things we have actually used, found helpful and useful and would recommend to anyone shopping for their first baby or for a newborn baby. I've also shared links to products and things we've purchased, in case you'd like a direct recommendation!

  • Tiny baby clothes (how much you buy is up to you, but it's handy to have in case you have a tiny baby like we did!)
  • Newborn vests x6
  • Newborn sleepsuits x6 (with built in scratch mitts)
  • 0-3 month vests and sleepsuits x6 (in case your baby quickly outgrows clothes, it's handy to have
  • Hats
  • Blankets (you may get gifted a few of these but they come in handy)
  • Muslins (as many as you can! We have loads around the house)
  • Cardigan
  • Bibs (this Bibetta* one is amazingly soft for newborns)
My favourite place to shop and browse for baby clothes so far has been George at Asda, Frugi* and Next.


There are a few other resources that may help when it comes to shopping for a newborn! Lily Pebbles has shared a great checklist and video with her own opinions and thoughts. Fleur De Force also has a great video too!

* Gifted

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