31 Oct 2021

Medela Freestyle Flex Review (Exclusive Pumping)

I've been expressing milk from the week that my baby was born as I always knew I wanted to combi-feed so I did a lot of research into various feeding methods and pumping. I started by using a Haakaa pump and then a few weeks in I borrowed my sisters pump which was the MAM Single Electric and Manual Breast Pump, which was great (they now have a double pump which looks like a fab choice too!) I then decided to exclusively pump so did a lot of research and invested in the Medela Freestyle Flex.


10 Oct 2021

My Baby Feeding Experience | Breastfeeding, Exclusive Pumping & Bottle Feeding

I've learnt this now but for those that need to hear this: as long as you are happy and your baby is happy, nothing else matters. How you feed your baby is 100% your choice and other peoples experiences, opinions and judgement really should not matter. So me sharing my experience and story isn't me shaming anyone else who does it differently, it's just me sharing my own personal baby feeding story as I feel like it may be helpful to other mums!

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