31 Oct 2021

Medela Freestyle Flex Review (Exclusive Pumping)

I've been expressing milk from the week that my baby was born as I always knew I wanted to combi-feed so I did a lot of research into various feeding methods and pumping. I started by using a Haakaa pump and then a few weeks in I borrowed my sisters pump which was the MAM Single Electric and Manual Breast Pump, which was great (they now have a double pump which looks like a fab choice too!) I then decided to exclusively pump so did a lot of research and invested in the Medela Freestyle Flex.

It's a double pump that's fully electric, portable, can be used hands-free if you purchase a pumping bra and even connects to an app where you can log your feeds, nappy changes, pumping sessions and more. In short, I love this pump and wanted to share an in-depth review of it as I've now been using it for almost 5 months and several times a day.


  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Has a rechargeable battery (can even be charged via USB)
  • Closed system (meaning no milk can get into the tubes)
  • Connects to a handy app (app is free but if you have the pump you can unlock extra benefits)
  • Hands-free if a pumping bra is purchased
  • Has a backlight for night pumping (no need to switch on the lamp)
  • Beeps when you reach the 15 minute mark
  • Minimal pump parts, it's not fiddly like others
  • It's fairly quiet, compared to the other one I've used
  • Charge lasts more than a day of pumping sessions
  • Variable strength (levels 1-10)
  • 2-phase (mimics baby's feeding pattern, faster to increase milk flow and then slow)

  • Quite pricey but look out for offers on the Medela website or Boots
  • The pump parts are not as easy to replace (like the pump seal, it can't be purchased separately)

I purchased direct from the brand and got a whole load of extra bits with my pump, which made it so much more worth it! I also bought it whilst it was on offer so I got a hands-free pumping bra for free. The pump came with everything you need to pump on-the-go and store your milk safely until you got home. It had four 5oz bottles with lids, 2 bottle stands (so they don't knock over),  2 sets of shields in different sizes, a cooler bag with an ice block, a bag to store all your pump parts in when on-the-go and of course the main pump bits.

Right now I'm using the pump 4 times a day but when I started to exclusively pump, I'd need to pump 6+ times a day to ensure I got the right amount of milk for the baby. I combi-feed now so baby gets a bit of formula and a bit of breast milk but it was important for me to build up a freezer stash of milk so I could use the milk during weaning or as emergency milk when I may not be around. 

I think the pump is great to use for exclusively pumping as it's robust, offers flexibility of being mobile (which means I can feed baby in the bouncer at the same time or do the house chores) and is a double pump so you can express faster. It does have an option to single pump, which I've used when I had to pump to unblock blocked ducts (fun times!) but otherwise I always use it as a double. 

I usually just put the unit in my pocket and that way it doesn't knock anywhere or get damaged and I can still be mobile, if needed. I also charge it every other day as the battery lasts so well but it can be charged whilst being used too. I only pump for 15 minutes at a time (sometimes in the morning I may do 20 if I'm really full) but the handy timer lets me know when time is up so it's very easy to know when to stop. 

So all in all, I would highly recommend this pump to anyone who is looking to invest. I do understand that it's not for everyone as it's pricey and those who don't want to exclusively pump may not want to spend that much money on a pump. But if you are looking for a reliable pump, I would 100% recommend the Medela Freestyle Flex. 


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